Interested in knowing what Teen IT can offer you? You've come to the right place.

-Diagnose and assess your device's hardware and software

-Estimate the cost for a full repair of your device

Diagnostic Assessment: $55

-Diagnose and assess your device's hardware and software

-Estimate the cost for a full repair of your device

-Apply software fixes to optimize and ensure the safety of your system, such as updating programs, removing viruses, installing new programs, installing anti-virus software and updating or reinstalling your operating system

Diagnostic and Software Repair: $225

-Backup the data on your device to a seperate drive or device to ensure it's never lost

Data Backup and/or Transfer: $40

(backup device cost not included)

-Diagnose and assess your devices hardware and software

-Estimate the cost for a full repair of your device

-Optimize and update any of your programs

-Remove any viruses and install anti-virus software

Tune Up: $65

-Learn everything you need to operate your devices, including laptops, personal computers, and mobile devices. Send and manage emails, manage email accounts, skype, social media, installing and removing programs.

Computer Lessons: $30/hr

Find a product: $20

-If you're in need of a certain product, be it a new TV, tablet, smartphone or much more, then simply ask Teen IT and we'll find you the best bang for your buck out there, just tell as what you need. 
-The product you want will be found within the week and can either be bought for you and picked up/delivered, or a link can be sent so you can purchase it yourself.

Website Design: $200-500

-Do you need a website for personal or business use? Teen IT can design it for you according to your specifications.

(product cost not included)
(cost of web hosting not included)
(price dependent on complexity of website) 

PC Design: $75

-Require a PC for home or business use but don't have the skill required to build it yourself? Teen IT can save you the time of research and compatibility testing and make a PC based on what you need.

PC Build: $100

-If you've already got a design that you would like for your PC, Teen IT can build it for you.

-Any extra specifications you say will be taken into account and implemented.
-Teen IT can even source some of the best prices for parts to save you some overall money


(cost of parts not included)
($50 extra for custom liquid cooling (non hardline cooling only)

-Has your device been infected with a virus? Don't bother with the hassle of removing it yourself, Teen IT can have your device ready and working again within a week.

Virus Removal: $25-50

(price dependent on complexity of virus removal) 
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